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Heart to Huggs

Brewing Smiles Everyday!

At Huggs, we are committed to making conscious efforts in supporting local communities, sustainability and social causes close to heart. We aim to create positive social and environmental changes through our brand.

While embracing our purpose of providing warmth and comfort to everyone with great coffee and service, we also aim to uplift and inspire cultures and the people– one cup, one experience, one community at a time. As part of our Heart to Huggs initiative, we have 3 key pillars that we are big on:  Vocal for Local, ECOHuggs, Close to Huggs

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Heart to Huggs Pillars

At Huggs, we believe that achieving sustainable growth being and being socially responsible goes hand in hand. We also believe in the importance of inclusivity and cultivation of empathy internally and among communities which led to the emergence of our 3 pillars.

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As a local brand, It is important to build and establish a stronger bond with our fellow locals. Vocal For Local will be the platform that provides a space for local talents & trailblazers.


We believe that our role in the coffee industry creates a profound impact to our immediate environment and global climate.

And that’s why we have placed our commitment to make our planet a sustainable home.

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At Huggs, we believe great coffee is just not enough. We are capable to do good and give back to society too!

Huggs aims to partner with

NGOs and local charities/activist groups for these initiatives.


Vocal for Local

We aspire to make Huggs a place where everyone can call their own. As a local brand ourselves, we believe strongly in inclusivity through forging stronger bonds and deepening ties with our local communities. 

Some of our Vocal for local initiatives include: 

Partnering with Local merchants Huggs’ as a brand aims to provide a platform for local businesses and merchants to showcase their products and their stories as a local maker. Our Huggs Collective outlets is the classic example of how we involve local businesses such as Denzy Gelato and Commune.

Huggs Local Playlists 
Here’s something for you to look out for when you visit our outlets! 

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We are committed to making our planet a more sustainable home as we believe that our role in the coffee industry creates an impact on our immediate environment & the global climate, taking significant steps to minimise our environmental footprint.

Some of our ECOHuggs initiatives include:  

Upcycling our Coffee grounds While coffee waste is inevitable, we are constantly seeking creative ways and solutions to minimise them. Huggs has collaborated with local merchants like LUSH Cosmetics  where we repurposed our used coffee grounds to use as fertilisers for plants and also Kintsukuroi Studio to create upcycled Coffee Body scrubs.

Spent Coffee Grounds as Worm Feed Huggs provides spent coffee grounds as a sustenance for earthworms, thereby extending the life-span of the by-products.

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Close to Huggs

Huggs believes strongly in doing good and giving back to the society by supporting social causes that are close to our hearts, be it individually or as a collaborative effort. 

Some of our Close to Huggs initiatives include: 

Kind Citizen In partnership with Kind Citizen, Huggs joined the ripple of kindness with various efforts and initiatives to support marginalised communities, frontliners, healthcare workers and brew smiles onto the faces of random strangers. Together with Kind citizen, Huggs aimed to give out 10,000 cups in 2022 as our way to say a BIG thank you to our frontliners! 

#Send Huggs Huggs collaborated with Viddsee and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

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