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Our Story

Established in 2008, Huggs started its humble journey
with commitment to provide exceptional specialty coffee
and delectable treats at everyday prices.
With our core beliefs tied to delivering consumer-centric services
coupled with an eco-efficiency business model, Huggs has grown
to become Singapore’s largest homegrown specialty coffee brand
with over 20 outlets found in major business districts.
Huggs offers a curated selection of “East meets West” beverages,
ranging from local Sumatra kopi to specialty espresso coffee
and even non-caffeine drinks. Daily fresh bakes along with
a range of food selection are part of our menu too.
There’s always something for everyone at Huggs! 

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We are committed to making our planet a more sustainable home as we believe that our role in the coffee industry creates an impact on our immediate environment & the global climate, taking significant steps to minimise our environmental footprint.

Some of our ECOHuggs initiatives include:  

Upcycling our Coffee grounds While coffee waste is inevitable, we are constantly seeking creative ways and solutions to minimise them. Huggs has collaborated with local merchants like LUSH Cosmetics  where we repurposed our used coffee grounds to use as fertilisers for plants and also Kintsukuroi Studio to create upcycled Coffee Body scrubs.

Spent Coffee Grounds as Worm Feed Huggs provides spent coffee grounds as a sustenance for earthworms, thereby extending the life-span of the by-products.


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